Sunday, November 13, 2011

Germany is a delight. The lake picture is Chiemsee Lake, where one of King Ludwig's castles is. built after the pattern of Versailles. The scenery is spectacular, and we are loving every minute of our time here.
The next photo is in Dresden, with me on the side. Freezing day for sure, we were all bundled up, and walking through the city snapping photos of everything. I am loving all the architecture. It is so fascinating that Dresden was leveled during WWll, and now it has been rebuilt since the war. It is so beautiful, and what an incredible city to take photos of. I cannot wait to print the photos and start scrapbooking all of these.
We are so excited about the new products coming out at CHA. We will be "ON TOUR" with our new catalog. We will be giving little tips the weeks before CHA, letting you know the fun new products that are coming out at CHA. Watch for the new tips, a new Robin's Nest is about to unfold.



Rachel said...


Jan Hennings said...

WOW! What a beautiful photo!

artistamyjo said...

Beautiful photo!
I have relatives in Herzogsweiler (Black Forest) they own a hotel there. I envy you.Would love to go to germany.

Robin said...

Went to the Black Forrest today, it was spectacular!

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