Monday, October 10, 2011

A Trip Back In History

This summer my family was able to go to our local museum and see some of the wonderful artifacts that have been rescued from the Titanic disaster.  Due to the quickly deteriorating conditions of those artifacts I was unable to take pictures of them, but I did capture a few pictures of displays that were up around the museum.  I used the netting from The Robin's Nest to create a pocket that I put the exhibit tickets inside of to scrap them, too.  The main ticket shown in this layout contained the name and information of one of the passengers aboard the ship that fateful day.  As we walked through the exhibits we were able to see how these passengers would have lived and where they stayed on the ship.  As we reached the end of it, there were lists of the names of those who parished and of those who survived.  This particular ticket was the one my husband received and on that day he would have been a third class passenger and would have gone down with the ship. 

Robin's Nest Products Used:

Brown Fish Net
Water Logged Rub On
Glitter Black Starfish Paper
Dew Dew Glue


Jan said...

a super cool LO and what a wonderful piece of History to document!

Rachel said...

The pocket is such a cute idea!!! Great job! I went to the titanic exhibit also, I agree, it is awesome.

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