Friday, October 7, 2011

I love to Scrapbook

After talking to my son today, I decided I needed to write a little on this blog. I have always been a person who keeps everything personal to myself, and not talk about it on the blog, but he has advised me different, so today I will start to share.
The Robin's Nest is named after me. This has been one of the greatest things I have done in my life. To start a company years ago with literally nothing, and then build it into something. Wow. As I was laying in bed the other night, I thought, I want to scrapbook tomorrow. What drives me to continue to want to this? Then it just came: It keeps my mind creative, my heart happy, and my soul filled. This is the joy that comes when paper, scissors, and glue all come together on my desk.
Currently, my husband Dana and I are living in Ethiopia. We are serving as humanitarian missionaries for our church. Scrapbook supplies are not even thought of here. What is thought of is: what am I going to eat tomorrow, where can I live, how can I support my family. These 3rd world people have so much less than we do. So when I have that need to scrapbook I have the twinge of guilt riding in my heart.
I love the work we do here, pictures are on SD cards by the thousands. We have learned so much, and will continue to learn from these people. We have come to love them, and to have the drive to fill the simple needs of their lives.
Do I miss my scrapbooking room at home? Oh yes. I am able to create with the simplest of simple here, and some days it is really hard. Paper, Scissors, glue. Rachel has sent me supplies from the Robin's Nest, and I have started to create monthly layouts, and monthly books, even from Ethiopia. You can find these on our web site. These products are simple, made with the simplest of scrapbook supplies, but yet they show some of the cutest products in our Robin's Nest line.
We have been in Ethiopia for 22 months, on our last month. 24 more days to go. I dream of that scrapbook room, and all the punches, papers, dew drops and stickers to my hearts content. Soon I will be there to soak up and envelop in detail the love that started this company.
Enjoy our kits, and the cutest monthly books ever, currently there is a Fall book, Halloween book, Pilgrim Hat book, and Black and while Christmas book with Santa all through it. Enjoy!!

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Rachel said...

OHH! Mom, good job!

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