Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Treat Box

Hello Robin Nest Fans and Friends...
Happy Monday !!

Halloween will be here soon.
So for today's project I made a Halloween Treat Box.
Here it is..

The Other Side

The Side Look

I made a {picture} template for this box and wanted to share it with you. 

(click on the picture to see it bigger)

- Start with 7''x8'' cardstock
- Score 2 1/2'' from all side
- Score and fold the dotted/dash line
- Cut the bold line
- The Grey areas -- you can throw this away
- Assemble the box

For the handle:
- cut 1''x10'' cardstock
- on 1'' side score at 1/2''
- fold and adhere

I stapled the handle to the box and then covered it with Fairy Dust Dew Drops.

When you're's decoration time :D
Halloween Glitter Ghosts Paper ~ I cut the ghosts and added dimensional glue 

Lastly I stamped the words Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat on the papers.

I had FUN making this. It's easy and fast.
I will be making more for my son's preschool classmates. 

That's from me today.
Hope you have a wonderful week.



Rachel said...

I love this tenny!! Good job!!

Jan said...

too cute!

Robin said...

Wow, and pretty simple too, I wish I was home for halloween to make this for my grandkids!

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