Monday, July 11, 2011

Altered Letter Tray

Hi! I'm Peg and I am so happy to be one of The Robin's Nest's new design team members .

My goal for this year has been to get organized. I have spent the last 7 months getting rid of things one way or the other. I have found that one area that I have not accomplished much in is my craft area. One of my biggest problems are the papers that I have printed out that show me how to do something or a sketch that I want a copy of to work from. I recently was shopping at our local thrift store and found this letter tray that I thought might help to organize my papers. I knew that it had that blue circle on it that wouldn't come off, but that's ok because it was a bargain. Once I got it home and put it on my craft table it did not seem to fit in at all. It was too plain and a different color than the rest of the room. I knew just how to fix that....use the items I got from The Robin's Nest to give it a new look. Here's the before and after, as well as, the instructions on how I did it so you can make one, too!
Before: After: The side of the finished tray:


Light Grey Watercolor Hammered Paper

Letter Tray--can be found at any office supply store and other stores.

Step 1: Measure the length and width of the tray inside.

Step 2: Cut paper into the number of sections you want to use to cover tray. I used 5 sections (3 from the Green Leaves patterned paper and 2 from the light grey paper) cut into 4" pieces. Trim all paper to the width of the tray.

Using a wavy edged blade, trim 1/4" off of the right sides of all the paper except for the piece that fits at the curve if your tray has this. If your tray has a curve, trace it and cut out with a pair of scissors or trim paper as necessary to fit the shape of your tray.

Cut strips of Green Leaves paper to fit on outside edges of the tray. Adhere to top edge of tray as shown on right side of picture.

Using Family Rubons adhere them to Light Grey pieces of paper as shown in picture. Adhere Fresh Mowed Grass and Sunflower Dew Drops using Dew Glue to inside back, the sides on the outside and the corners on each side of tray. You can take a look at the finished project pictures above to see where I put all of the fun Dew Drops on the one I made.

One of the things I love most about this project is that it can be used on a craft table, on a desk at work or as a safe place to keep those bills and papers at home. A teacher would surely love one for her (or his) desk. You can use it for a place to keep your child's homework, too, just by personalizing it with all of the great papers and Dew Drops that The Robin's Nest carries. The possibilities are endless!


Irit Shalom said...

Lovely project!

Rachel said...

Awesome! I have a couple of organizers that need a loving touch also! Good idea!

Becky Conley said...

Love this, very cute!

Jan said...

Great project and so functional :)

Robin said...

Great Project, very great instructions.

Sandra said...

Your blog and works are very beautiful.

Have a lovely week!

sandra :)

Peg said...

Thanks everyone! I'm finding it a big help on my craft table and with the papers and dew drops it is so much prettier. I think it would have been short lived and short used it I would have left it original.

beadz said...

Peg, this must look great on your desk - lovely project!

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