Thursday, July 14, 2011

Altered Box Project-First DT post

I am so sorry this is late...we have had some huge internet issues, and finally got it fixed...this evening.
I do have a project...2 actually I completed for today's post.
The first is an altered "box", maybe more like an altered mail holder.
Anyway, this is the pic of the box/holder before I started.

I wasn't crazy about the decoration, but loved the I tweaked
For this project, I used barn red acrylic paint to basecoat the entire holder. And a second coat. Then, I got to the fun part!!!
I used Autumn Fleur from The Robins Nest on the three panels on the holder. I mod podged them on, this paper is AWESOME it didn't buckle or bubble under the mod podge like some papers do.
After it dried, overnight, I mod podged on top and all over the entire piece.
Then I got to the fun of it!!!
I added rub-ons, The Girls from The Robins Nest and Dew Drops in Sunflower . I adhered the Dew Drops (which I LOVE) with Dew Dew Glue.
These are fabulous! They are the perfect size, and you just press the back of your Dew Drop onto the Dew Dew Glue spot and it sticks, then just stick it onto your project! Easy, peasy!
On to my other project...
It started out like this

Yep, just an ordinary 3.5 inch square block.
And it became....
Here are a few more shots, of different sides.

I painted the block with Barn Red acrylic paint, as a base. Modpodged the same paper to it. Sanded the edges. And added rub-ons, from the same pack. I was able to do both projects from one pack of rub-ons, 2 sheets of Autumn Fleur double-sided design paper, and a few Dew Drops.
I plan to add photos to the block, will make a nice conversation piece!
Thanks for looking!


Rachel said...

These are very beautiful projects! How elegant!

Robin said...

Wow Spectacular!!!!

Terri Sproul said...

fun way to using up old stuff. LOVE IT...

Peg said...

These are so pretty!

Irit Shalom said...

Love your kind of alteration for the old box

beadz said...

Love how you thought outside of the box!

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