Friday, May 20, 2011

Easy Paper Roses

Here is a craft I hope you'll find easy enough to make for your self or your "Mom". It's a cheerful gift and fun to do!
You can alter a plastic lunch box like I did, or just make fun embellishments for your scrapbooking!
The papers I used are from the Robins Nest Collection.
Glitter Purple Flower
Swirls on Lavender
Daisy Blue
I chose these papers because they complimented each other and were double sided, which is what you want when creating these paper roses.

I used a Sizzix die, Flowers 3D
But you can also cut your own, using decorative scissors. Just make a 3" circle of paper. Then using your scissors cut a spiral.
Click photos for details.

Begin by curling the outside coil.

Keep curling the paper around and around. (It took me 5 roses to get my rhythm)

It will be tight at first, but when you have reached the last bit, then let go.

Fluff your rose with your fingers. You may want a loose rose or a tight bud.

On the bottom piece , add a generous amount of tacky or tom bo glue.

Turn your rose upside down and press the coiled end onto base of the rose. Press for about 10 seconds.

Then turn over and gently press your finger or thumb into the center of the rose, making sure the center base really sticks in the glue.

Ta Da!
I covered the plastic lunch box with leftover paper. Inside and out. I also used some Glitter pink swirls on green paper for the leaves.

I hope you have enjoyed this project and will be inspired to create some easy paper roses of your own!


Rachel said...

My daughter said she loves this so much! She has a couple of lunch boxes she plans on revamping now!

Barbara said...

That is just a great tutorial and I plan on making some of these roses really soon!!

Hugs XX

Lyneen said...

Love playing with paper flowers... LOVE the papers you used on this project!!!! TFS!

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