Monday, September 28, 2009

Mission Call

Just for those who know us and check here periodically. Dana and I have received our mission call. We will be going to Ethiopia to serve a Humanitarian Services Mission. We will be responsible for coordinating all the Humanitarian projects sponsored by the LDS Church in Ethiopia.
This will include working with the government to propose and approve drilling water wells for clean water in the country areas. We will distribute food, wheelchairs, and clothing where needed. We will coordinate classes for the people and teach them water purification skills, neonatal skills, and much much more.
We feel it a great honor to be able to serve our fellow man in this capacity. We will serve for 2 years in Ethiopia, and leave the 7th of december.

1 comment:

TreasureSeeker said...

Congratulations, Robin on your Mission Call. There is no greater work than to serve the Lord through his people. Who will watch the store while you are away?
Sharon in Duncan, BC

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