Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Camera

Here I am, the way the fam usually sees me. Camera in hand. One of the funnest things I have purchased in my life is my camera. There is a different world out there through the eyes of my camera. These photos were taken by my oldest daughter of me, and I saw a new glimpse of how my family saw me. I love it. I am working on a series of 6x12 books about myself, so these pages are in 6x12 format. Papers used are Robin's Nest- Calamity Jane roses cardstock, brown on brown glitter cardstock, brown swirl glitter cardstock, french vanilla fleur on linen cardstock,
cowboy dew drops. Don't you just love these dew drops. Just adhere to your page with a zig pen glue. It is so easy, no punching holes in your pages. Just glue.

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