Wednesday, August 15, 2018

ATCs - Color, color and color....

Hi everyone 😃😃😃
I'm Troppostella from Italy.  

These are my ATCs and ATCoins "Color, color and color..." and
I used the dew drops of The Robin's Nest. 😃😃😃

😃😃😃 Today I show you how I made them with a step by step photo.

1st STEP: Paper Type
attached the paper tape on two white sheets in this way

2nd STEP: Coloring
I colored the sheets with purple, yellow, green
and light blue using Copic's Air Adaptic

3rd STEP: Color stain
With the Copic Various Ink 0,
I dropped some drops on the sheets creating these color stains

4th STEP: Stamping
To stamp the sheets I used two different tones for the background.

5th STEP: Stencil

With a stencil add decorations where there are no background stamps

6th STEP: Cutting ATCs and ATCoins
Now cut the 2 sheets in ATCs and ATcoins.
I used the trimmer cut for the ATCs.

I used the round punch for the ATCoins.

I got 16 ATCs and 15 ATCoins. And you??? 😃😃😃

7th STEP: Embellishments
😃😃😃 The last step is to decorate the ATCs and ATCoins.
I put gauze, wood, metal gears, pins
and dew drops of The Robin's Nest, and finally a writing.

 I used in this project: 
Primary Dew Drops
Sun Shower Tear DropsSun Shower Tear Drops
Are you ready to trading them? 😃😃😃
ahhh... do not forget to write your data behind the ATCs and ATCoins.

Thank you so much for stopping here.
Have a nice day! 😃😃😃

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Gliding Cards Start - To - Finish

Hello Everyone, 
I hope all is well. Today, I am sharing a Start - To - Finish video on two gilding flakes cards using the dew drops. Here is a direct link to The Robin's Nest Store!

Here is the video:

These are the supplies I used from the shop:
Robin Nest Dew Drops:

Until Next Time..

Monday, August 13, 2018

An Upcyled Coffee Can with Dew Drops

Hello and welcome to another design team post! My project this week is an upcycling one. I put a spin on the old time idea of using an empty can for pencil storage and turned an old coffee can into a functional work of art. Of course, it is decorated with Dew Drops!

Let's get started. You will need:

a can/tin
a piece of scrapbook paper large enough to go around the can
some floral embellishments
a piece of lace long enough to go around the can/tin
Dewdrops- I used Golden Berry
Mod Podge
glue gun and stick
tacky glue
paintbrush for the Mod Podge

Follow along in the video.

I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tag "Art, Nature, Greece"

Hi everyone!!

Here is Elisa from Italy, just come back from my summer vacation in Kos (Greece).
I've fallen in love with the wonderful places I visited, so I decided to realize a tag "about" them.
Water Dew Drops are really perfect for this tag, don't you think so???
Here is the project:

Would you like to see how I realized the background of this tag? This is the processing video:

Here are some close up pictures, where you can see better how beautiful starfishes and dew drops are!!!

These are the product by The Robin's Nest that I used in this project:


Hope you enjoy this project!!
Till next time!!


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Art Journal with Dew Drops

Hello everyone,

Marie-Christine here, today I would like to show you my latest Art Journal spread I created for The Robin's Nest, with Dew Drops.
I stay in the theme of the moment, summer with friends on the beach, we have fun, we laugh and we sing!!!!

here is my page

How to do

First, I put some inks on my page (green, orange, yellow ) and then I use a stencil to spray brown inks  and form some light patterns.


When it is dry, I stick my vintage image in the middle. I found it on Pinterest.

I choose the Dew Drops in the colors on my page.

And I stick them to imitate the sand of the beach.

To finish, I draw stylized flowers with my markers and I stick a sentence found in a magazine.

Here my page is finish, do you like it?

Dew Drops I used

Other products

Art Journal
Spray inks
Image from Pinterest
Sentence from magazine

Thanks by stopping by the blog today!


3d frame Pierrot with Diamond Dew Drops

Hola "saleros@s"!:
Hello "saleros@s"!:

Seguimos disfrutando del verano por estos lugares y haciendo fotos de las vacaciones. Seguro que muchas de éllas querréis enmarcarlas...
 We continue to enjoy the summer in these places and taking pictures of the holidays.
Sure many of them gets want to frame them...
 Queréis aprender a realizar un marco en 3D muy fácil?, os servirá para muchos de vuestros proyectos.
You want to learn how to make a 3d frame very easy?, it will serve for many of your projects.

Pinchando en el enlace accederéis a mi tutorial para hacerlo. Está en español, pero se sigue muy bien, porque las medidas aparecen escritas.
Clicking on the link accederéis to my tutorial to do so. It's in Spanish, but it's still very good, because the measurements are written.


Esta estructura os servirá para realizar cualquiera de vuestros modelos. 
Esta estructura os servirá para realizar cualquiera de vuestros modelos.  

Para el mío  he usado los Diamond  de The Robin´s Nest que tenéis en multitud de colores:
 For mine I have used The Robin´s Nest  Diamond that you have in many colors:

Ace of Diamonds 

Rojo, blanco y negro me inspiran!
Red, white and black inspire me!

 Os dejo con el paso a paso esperando que os guste!!
I leave you with the step by step hoping you like it!

Comenzamos haciendo el marco con cartulina kraft.
We start making the frame with Kraft cardboard.

 Sin montarlo en 3D aplicamos gesso clear. Una vez seco, aplicamos una capa mal pintada de pintura acrílica blanca. Una vez seca, entintamos con un sello que nos guste.
Without mounting it in 3d apply Gesso clear. Once dry, apply a poorly painted layer of white acrylic paint. Once dry, we inking with a seal that we like.

Una vez seco comenzamos a aplicar nuestros Diamonds Dew Drops por todo el marco de manera dispersa.
Once dry we begin to apply our Diamonds Dew drops throughout the frame in a scattered way.

Entintamos por zonas aleatoriamente. Usamos un adorno para decorar. Yo he sacado un molde de una cara con pasta Das.  Y una vez seca la he entintado a medias y he añadido algún arabesco alrededor de los ojos y la boca con rotulador dorado.
También he utilizado un sello para el título, entintándolo después.
Y he añadido una pluma para dar volumen al fondo.
We ink randomly in zones. We use an ornament to decorate. I've taken a mold out of a face with pasta Das. And once I have dried the I have inked half and I have added some arabesque around the eyes and mouth with golden marker. I have also used a stamp for the title, lnk it after. And I added a pen to give volume to the background. 

 Me encantará ver vuestras interpretaciones!!. Y no olvidéis seguirnos en Facebook.
I'd love to see your interpretations!!. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook.
Además en el Blog Chattering Robins encontraréis cantidad de inspiraciones para vuestros proyectos!. 
In addition to the Blog Chattering Robins you will find a number of inspirations for your projects!.
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