Thursday, February 23, 2017

Layout Love&Fly

Hi everyone!!!

Here's Elisa, and today I want to show you this new Layout, called "Love&Fly"... Everything started with a Teal Cardstock Distressed Ocean. I choose other two cardstock: the Smoky Chevron Cardstock and the Brown Glitter Cardstock.
I decided to use as embellishment the little postcards in the Wedding Cut-Outs Cardstock... And I also decided which picture I could use. But... I was now sure about the picture size... So I create a collage with 2 sizes..... And I thought... wow, I like it? Why not using three sizes? Or four? Five was the perfect number... The same picture, five different sizes.
Looking at the little postacards, I was a butterfly on a stamp.... So I thought that the butterfly could be the second emellishment element.

But now, let me star by the beginning. Here are the three cardstock I used:

I pasted the five pictures on the dotted cardstok. Then I cut a frame around the pictures. SO I created a second frame pasted everything on the second cardstock.

The main cardstock I used is the Teal Cardstock Distressed Ocean . I splashed it with some green liquid watercolor... I also used a stencil with white texture paste on the left side, and then I watercolor that edge too. 

Then I stuck the pictures, the postcard and 2 stamps: in one stamp I put inside the "You & Me" sentiment (Wedding Cut-Outs Cardstock)

In the end I die cut some butterflies by the cardstocks I used to create the frames for the pictures. And, of course, the clear Belgian Chocolate Mini Dew Drop. I distressed all the borders...
And the Layout is finished!!!

Here are some closer pictures:

List of supplies by The Robin's Nest:

Distressed Ocean Cardstock

Smoky Chevron Cardstock

Brown Glitter Cardstock

Wedding Cut-Outs Cardstock

Belgian Chocolate Mini Dew Drop

Dew Dew Glue

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