Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Family Photos

Hello Readers,

It's so fun to come together and share fun pages using 
the Robin's Nest product lines.

I sometimes wonder when I am creating my pages did I really
intend for this paper to be used this way, or what other ways and
with what other products can I use this paper.

Today is just one of those days.
I have used in the first layout the lodge line with
the family tree rub on, and the regency sticker.

The page just pulls family together so well!

Forest Trees Specialty PaperWrap Glitter Cardstock
I used the back side of the trees paper for the background of this layout.
Family Rub-OnRegency Sticker
These sizes are a little bit deceiving, since the sticker is much larger than the rub on,

This layout is with our daughters by birth and by marriage.
I had intended this paper for babies and children, but the
combo of the papers, and glitter just were perfect for this photo.

We aren't dressed in very pastel colors, but the pastel
look of the paper brings such femininity to the page.

I cut the accents from the same paper, just using the back side. 

Sorry about the bottom edge, it came through on the scanner.

Peach Glitter CardstockDiscovery Girl Glitter Cardstock

Other elements for this page come from Gina's Designs.

I so love her work.

You can find these products on our Robin's Nest
web page.
just tap on the link and it will take you there!



Monday, January 26, 2015

Diamonds, gold, and a classic

A decorative Bust.

This year at CHA, we were asked to make an item to be auctioned off at the Gala.  The proceeds went towards Children and the Arts, of course we wanted to make something Gala worthy, so this is what I came up with... With the help of my family :). 

I started with a plain bust I found at Pier 1, a fun store to walk through.  She is about 3' tall and covered in a soft canvas material. I really liked the fleur on top too, it gives it a classy feel.

Using The Robin's Nest Obsidian Diamond Dew Drops and The Best Glue Ever, I placed the diamonds in a row following the bottom seam of the fabric. I also decided that I wanted to just Dew Drop the front section of the bust, and would see where that lead me.  I drew a line of glue from seam to seam and added the Diamonds.

To add a break in the monotony of the lines I added a Mini Gold Dew Drop, which also helped when the lines of the Diamond Dew Drops did not line up in a maticulous row. (Mistakes are always easily covered up). 

Here is a good look after several rows have been glued.  This really doesn't take a lot of time, just a little patience getting the rows to be straight.

And another view...

I decided to stop here with the diamonds because it has a look of a "Little Black Dress".  From here, I was trying to incorporate some paper products, and I tried a few different ideas, here is one example, which was scrapped... 

Ultimately, I decided to go with a paper scarf made with Gold Paisley Cardstock. My mom did this for me :).  She took 2 sheets of the Gold Paisley Cardstock, ran it under water, and crumpled it up. She then meshed it together in a scarf.  In Cortney's tool/extra parts drawer, we found gold "pin" thingies and we secured the scarf with them... What a perfect surprise!  We also added more "paper" scarf at the bottom, to match top to bottom.

I do not have a picture of the back, but at the bottom, we put our motto "We Create to Inspire" in cursive letters at the bottom of the hem, along with our egg logo.  

I had some junk gold junk jewelry that we had acquired from an action, it matched perfectly! I used the necklace as the belt and the bracelet as the necklace. We also added an additional necklace to enhance the neckline.

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of the final project, just before we left for CHA, so if the person who won the auction of this would be willing to share a better pic, I would gladly share it with you, :).

I hope that you have a super great day!
Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest


Hey there scrappy friends!
Lisa here today to share a layout I created. I like to get messy with some mixed media every so often and dug out a few things to use on this layout:

On my white cardstock background, I used a stencil and added light modeling paste. Once dry, I added 3 different colors of mist along with some stamping. I cut a few rectangles from Kiwi Sorbet and Robin's Egg Watercolor and added those behind my photo. I cut a few strips of Brick Wall and tore one of the edges on each piece. I then place one piece on the right of the photo and one under the photo and stitched in place.

I used my hexagon punch along with the Kiwi Sorbet paper to create my arrows.
I added the vacation rub-on from the Palm Tree sheet directly to my photo. I fussy cut the ticket from the Lodge Cutouts Cardstock and added a flower with Diamond Drew Drops and a Mini Dew Drop in the center. I also added Mini Dew Drops to make the butterfly trails.

I added a Butterfly Dew Drop to my banner.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your day with us!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Give a sweet surprise

Even though my Christmas supplies still sit in precariously tower over a corner of the studio, there's been a flurry of Valentine projects underway at Paper Calliope. So while I may have to face up to the fact that I will never finish those last few ornaments, at least it is because I can't stop scheming about Valentine crafts.

Hi, I'm Betsy Skagen, and I wanted to show you a fun little craft that is sure to make anyone's Valentine's Day pop with fun.

Valentine Surprise Pop-Up Box Tutorial

Step One
Cut a piece of Red Glitter Paisley Cardstock with a matchbox die.

Step Two
Repeat using the White Snow Glitter Cardstock.

Step Three
Fold the White Snow Glitter Cardstock, adhering flaps, to create the inner box. Make sure the glitter side is on the outside of the box.

Step Four
Fold the Red Glitter Paisley Cardstock to create the outer sleeve and adhere in place.

Step Five
Cut the large rectangle from the the leftover Red Glitter Paisley Cardstock inner box piece and adhere to the inside bottom of the box.

Step Six
Cut two 3/4" x 12" strips of Iridescent Classic Glitter Vellum and score every 1/4 inch. Do this very carefully because it is easy to tear the vellum.

Step Seven
Fan fold the vellum strips back and forth. Adhere the strips together to form a circle. Press flat and secure with a drop of hot glue in the center. This will make the rosette. If you need more detailed instructions on making a rosette, please refer to this basic tutorial.

Step Eight
Cut a red glitter heart that is approximately 1/2" wide by hand  (or use a punch) from the Red Stripe Glitter Cardstock.

Step Nine
Using a hot glue gun, adhere the red heart to the center of the rosette, making sure the glitter side of the rosette faces out. Attach red foil hearts, or any small bling of your choice, around the rosette.

Step Ten
Take apart an old click-button ballpoint pen and remove the spring. Hot glue the spring to the inside front center of the box base. Then, attach the rosette to the top of the spring with hot glue.

Step Eleven
Adhere a small decoration of your choice to the top (outer sleeve) of the box.

Step Twelve
Gently press the rosette backward and hold down while you slide the box into the sleeve. If you wish, you can place a special message beneath the rosette.

Step Thirteen
Adhere a Red Dew Drop to the front of the drawer.

Now, when someone special opens your box, the valentine rosette will spring forward, providing a delightful surprise.

Stuff I used

Red Glitter Paisley Cardstock
White Snow Glitter Cardstock
Iridescent Classic Glitter Vellum
Red Stripe Glitter Cardstock
Red Dew Drop
Matchbox Die
Scoring board
Hot glue gun
Spring from old click-button ballpoint pen
Red foil hearts
Cherub from personal stash

Friday, January 23, 2015

Brick Never Looked So Cute



I get so excited every time I look at all the fantastic papers from The Robin's Nest®. It is so hard deciding what to use!

Today I am going to be featuring a project using The Robin's Nest® red brick cardstock.

I wanted to make some cute little pieces of art to hang on a chicken wire frame I recently made to showcase the upcoming holidays.

Let's get started!

I began by cutting my 12x12 red brick cardstock into eight 2.5" x 3.5" pieces. This is the same size that is used for ATC's (altered trading cards).

Next I took 4 pieces to use as back panels. On these 4 I added glue and streamers to create a ruffle for the finished piece.

cut streamer in half and apply a section of paper glue
lay the streamer on the paper glue

push gently with your finger to make the ruffle

I set aside the backs to dry while I created the art for the front pieces. When ready I glued them to the backs of the finished front pieces.

On this piece I did some shading on the edges using distress ink and distress paint, tore some pieces of black corrugated cardboard for the corners, added a word art sticker, accentuated areas using a red marker, and a heart ephemera as the center focus.

For the second one, I used the corrugated  black cardboard 
behind a heart I cut out of cardstock called Brick Fat Plaid.
I cut this heart on an angle. I added checkered washi tape to
the corners, word art sticker, accentuated areas using a red marker, shaded the edges using distress ink, and finished with red dew drops  on each corner.

On the third one I shaded the edges, stenciled the flowing little hearts on the background with distress ink, I cut out a chalky heart then I added chunky glitter to the center. I made my own washi tape that also had chunky glitter, added a word art sticker, accentuated areas using a red marker, and used a white streamer for the ruffle.


 The last one I used the white streamer for the ruffle, shaded the edges using distress ink, added ribbon, a bow, and metalic silver dew drops down the left side, accentuated areas using a red marker, and word art sticker. I took a section of  zebra print and cut out the three hearts. I attached each heart using foam stickers.
 I looking forward to next time so I can show you some more ideas using The Robin's Nest® products.

Happy creating!

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I studied graphic design in Portland,Oregon before moving to Denton, Texas and putting all my focus on mixed media art. In addition to being on The Robin's Nest Design Team, I am an article writer for mixed media art, on the Creative Paperclay Design team, and a blogger for DecoArt. I strongly believe in giving back. I volunteer at Scrap Denton Creative Reuse Center where I teach workshops, art camps, and perform art demos. I am very passionate about mixed media art and helping others discover their creativity. 
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Love makes house a home.

Hi everyone! I have a project that I wanted to share with you. It's my new layout about me and my husband. And my pregnancy time:)))

I use Admiral Fleur Glitter Linen Cardstock - one sheet for my background. And I cut a lot of decors from the same one. 

Glue all of them by clear medium.

Distress the edges
Add some thread

Then I use Brown Glitter Cardstock. I glue the wall tape on it and paint the edges by white gesso to add some extra texture.

Glue my two sheets of cardstock.

Add some chipboard pieces

And some flowers and rub-ons. I use Time Flies Rub-on and Viva Rub-on

Then some white gesso and gelatos to add the color and distress effect.

And of course, I add some Dew Drops. I like it so much!

I used:

Thanks for your attention!
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