Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Robin's Wednesday Posts.

Ahh, what a fun surprise this was for Dana and I as we were
having a fun fall drive in the mountains.

These beautiful deer, right close to the edge of the
dirt road we were traveling on.

Products used.
Compass CS
Outdoor cutouts
Trees staws
Daisy CS
Green Glitter Paper
Hunting Sticker
Outdoor die cuts
Green and dark green Tear drops

Here are the close ups of the trees.
I always love how they look on the finished page.

Now for the opposite side of the layout.

This layout is the opposite page of the last page.
I just wanted it to be simple, and simple it is.
no rips, no distress, just paper and stickers.

Products used
Deer Chipboard
Hunting Sticker
Winter retreat dew drops

Have a great Wednesday!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Season's Greetings and Snow Angels

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today wishing you Snow Angels and Season's Greetings.

Isn't this paper wonderful?  I used Snow Angels Glitter Cardstock, matting it on the reverse since of the Winter Snowflakes Cardstock.  Snow Angels was cut from the Winter Words Glitter Cardstock and matted with Winter Snowflakes CardstockWhite Tear Drops were added around the card and White Dew Drops were added to the angels.

Season's Greetings uses the Winter Snowflakes Cardstock, a beautiful paper full of beautifully styled snowflakes.  The reverse side is solid blue and was perfect to use as the card base.  All I needed was a ribbon with a small sentiment.  I added White Dew Drops  about the snowflakes.
Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ice card by Frezja

Hi everyone :)
Frezja here with a winter card^^.. 
Today I like to show you how to make a card with only one cardstock..
This card:

Now it will be something personal ... I am a shy and doing video tutorial me stress.. 
I fight with this.. but there is always something that I forgot to use, this time missing the tulle.... SORRY :)
After taking video I added a tulle and here is the result:

And here's the video:

I used:

Thank you for yours attention and have a great week :)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to make an altered art Altoid tin ornament

Time to send in the elves

Happy Holidays! Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope here. Since we are in the crazed final few days before Christmas, I am going to TRY and keep this post short and sweet. I have shopping, baking and cleaning to do people! I have 23 people coming to house for Christmas Eve and I am far from prepared. 
For this particular project, I used the lid leftover from another altered ornament I made. Good hoarder girl that I am, I always apply the waste not, want not motto to my crafting.

Altered Altoid tin tutorial

Step 1
Remove lid of Altoid tin by slowly bending lid backward to pull hinges away from box and sliding lid off.  I prepped a bunch of my tins with gesso, but for this project you don't need to. 
Step 2
Punch a hole in the center of one end of the lid. 

Step 3
Trace an outline of the Altoid box lid onto the back side of the Robin's Nest Winter Retreat Glitter Swirl Cardstock. Carefully cut this out, slightly inside the lines and try fitting it inside the tin. Make tiny incremental trims, if necessary, until you have a perfect fit. Remove and set aside.
Step 4
Measure, and then measure again, the depth of the box. Usually this is 1/4″, but measure to make sure. Cut two 12" strips of the reverse side of the Winter Retreat cardstock. One of the strips will be microscopically thinner than the other. Check to ensure the fit of each. Trim the length as necessary.
Step 5
Apply matte medium (I used Liquitex) to the inside sides of the tin and the brown side of your Winter Retreat cardstock rectangle. Adhere to tin.
Step 6
Apply matte medium to the inside side of the tin and the blue side of the smaller of your narrow strips. Put the strip along the sides of the tin, making sure to put the seam on the bottom of the tin (opposite the hole). 
Step 7
Apply matte medium over any surface that now has paper. Let dry. 
Step 8
Repeat Step 3 on another section of your Winter Retreat cardstock, making it slightly larger so it fits the outside back of the tin. 
Step 9
Trace a chipboard oval (psst, this is a sneak peek of an upcoming Robin's Nest product)  onto a plain blue section of the Winter Retreat cardstock. Cut this out and adhere to the the chipboard oval. 
Step 10 
Make a score line about 1/4" from the bottom of the oval. Fold this backward so that you create a tabbed platform.
Step 11
Apply the Santa from the Christmas Rub-On to the front of the oval. 
Step 12
Lining up the base of the oval to the Blue Glitter Cardstock so that the tab is hanging off the edge, glue the oval to the cardstock. Trim the Blue Glitter Cardstock about 3/16 away from the edge of the oval.

Step 13
Trim a Winter Snowflake to match the edge of the ovals and glue in place. 
Step 14
Glue the tabbed platform to the inside bottom right corner of the tin. 
Step 15
From inside the tin, thread the ribbon through the top hole, make a loop, threat back through the hole, then through a bead. Tie and glue in place. 

Step 16
Apply brown Stickles and Dew Drops
Step 17
Apply matte medium to the outer sides of the tin and the blue side of the second thin strip and adhere to the tin. 
Step 18
Check to make sure that that the Winter Retreat cardstock rectangle fits the outside of the tin (snowflake side up) so that it neatly covers your side edges. 

Step 19
Apply matte medium to the outside of the tin and the brown side of the Winter Retreat rectangle and adhere to the tin. Then cover both the outside base and sides with a thin coat of matte medium. Let dry.
Step 20
Starting at the bottom of the tin, adhere blue tinsel pipe cleaner to the front outside edge.

Hmmm...twenty steps? Not so short.

Stuff I used

Altoid tin lid
Chipboard oval
Blue tinsel pipe cleaner
Blue bead


This is a picture of my friend's daughter at her first winter in the snow skiing.  She loved skiing and being the in the snow, but hated getting all bundled up and the first thing she did when she got back to the house was to take snow gear off.

I created this page using the wonderful Robin's Nest Papers and Dew Drops.
I used the wonderful papers from The Robin's Nest to make this wonderful snowy layout.  The Winter Collection is just perfect for these snowy layouts.  I layered all the below papers as they go together so wonderfully!

The winter words are just a wonderful for any title and the Winter Snowflake Chipboard is just the perfect touch to this snow filled project.  I just used the silver snowflakes, but the pack comes with different colors.

I added in the Pearl colored Dew Drops on top of some of the snowflakes to add in a fun dimension, it almost made it look like dew resting on the snowflakes.  So pretty!

Time to get out those snow pictures, dusty them off, and make some beautiful snowy pages!!
Supplies Used
Cardstock - The Robin's Nest
Pattern Paper - The Robin's Nest
Vellum - The Robin's Nest
Glitter Cardstock - The Robin's Nest
Dew Drops  - The Robin's Nest
Flowers - Recollections
Glitter & Mica Medium - Imagination Crafts
Chipboard & MDF - ULD
Paint - Plaid
Adhesive - Tombow
Medium - Ranger
Beads - Recollections
Pen - Sharpie
Trimmer - Fiskars

Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Wonderland ATC's

Hi Everyone, Michelle here with a couple of ATC's I made for a recent swap I hosted.
ATC's are 2 ½" x 3 ½ little art cards decorated and intended for trading.
You can see more about ATC's here on my blog.

 For these ATC's, I used the following supplies:

Snow Stripe Glitter cardstock
Silver Classic Glitter Swirl vellum
Teal Glitter cardstock
Vintage inspired postage stamps
Silver leafing pen, red sequins, rhinestones.
Scissors, clear adhesive and foam tape.

  1. Cut the teal cardstock to 2 ½ x 3½.
  2. Round the corners.
  3. Cut from the vellum and adhere with the clear glue. 
  4. Add the snowflake with foam tape.
  5. Edge the ATC with the silver pen.
  6. Edge the postage stamp with the silver leaf pen, add to the ATC with foam tape. 
Embellish the snowflakes with the sequins and rhinestones.

Use for your own ATC swap or decorate gifts!

~ Michelle Frae Cummings

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Wood Block Ornaments

Welcome Robin's Nest Fans!

I am giving you directions from the blog hop ornaments.  My friend, Kimberly, gave me these ornaments last year for Christmas.  She said "I am sure that you will make something crafty with these."  Well I have been saving them all year, just for this occasion.  Thanks Kim!
You can get these precut ornaments at your local wood shop.

I really wanted to make ornaments that reflected our family.  I think that Christmas is all about family, and I have always wanted to have ornaments that are memorable.  I thought that the black and white photos would fit perfect, but I also thought that sepia would be cute too. Decisions, decisions.

I removed the twine from all of the wood, then traced around them.  As you can tell, I am not the greatest of tracers, so I always trace on the back side of the card stock that I using... So no one will ever know.  For the moose I used Mens Plaid/Compass Cardstock as the background,  and Glitter Wrap to frame the kids' photo.  To make the ornament unique, I offset the photo; then added our newest product: Archival Seeds.  These are soon to be released.  Be on the look out.

Here is an up close pic of the Moose Ornament.

And how cute are these kids, so "in love".
My kids are all moved out now.  I now have two adorable puppies to consume my time.  So, of course, I had to include them in our family ornaments.

These photos depict the triming, gluing, adding the puppy photo, and fussy-cutting around the back side to make the photo apart of the shape of the ornament.  I also used a round file to sand down the edges of the Red Glitter Swirl Cardstock.  The puppies are framed in the Men's Plaid/Compass Cardstock.

Archival Seeds were added to this ornament, as well, for dimension.  These seeds are concave and can be used "up" or "down".  You are going to love them.

The gingerbread man ornament has Red Plaid/Stripe, Glitter Wrap, and Red Glitter Swirl Cardstock.  The ribbon is Robin's Nest Straw (also coming soon), and more Archival Seeds.

Here are the rest of the ornaments.  Don't you just love the Reindeer's nose.  I am very glad to have the excuse to make these.  They are going to go perfect with my PVC pipe tree I created last year.  

I hope that your holidays are filled with family, friends, and happiness!

The Robin's Nest

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christ filled Christmas Tree

Hello Readers,

I have been wanting to create a Christmas Tree
that centers around the Savior.
For years, I have been wanting to do this,
and alas, 
the old ornaments come out, and I just didn't take the time
to create the names of Christ for my tree.

This year we have been spending lots of time with my dad.
Mom died a year and a half ago, so he is real lonely,
and we just keep him company and 
bring some spark into mom's home.

I love setting the table for the seasons,
and adding a few things to the fireplace.
Dad did't put up a tree last year
and... gave away all the decorations!
I was needing to create decorations.

So I decided to put up a tree for him this year.
We knew we were going to California for a week
right after Thanksgiving, so I have been working on this 
Christ centered tree.

Mom had a beautiful picture of Baby Jesus on her wall, 
 and a wonderful easel to put the picture on in the living room,
so I combined them together to create this look
next to the tree.

I created each name of the Savior by using a few
Robin's Nest Papers and my Cricut.

 Silver Classic Glitter Swirl VellumGold with Gold Glitter Cardstock

I used silver glitter vellum and gold chipboard
I used my gypsy and created all the names that represent
the Savior.  I did this on our drive to Colorado
a few weeks ago.  New grand baby there that we
went to see and help our kids while Tara was in the
Hospital, and after.
So on the long drive, I created these different names
and had them all ready when we arrived back to Utah so I
could cut them out in black cardstock on the cricut.

I then made each tag differently as the words
were placed together to create my tags.
And each tag is made to fit the name.

I took these pictures with my iphone instead of my camera,
it was already packed, so they aren't a good as i'd like.

With the gypsy you can weld the letters together and create
one long word, or use different fonts together
to create the word you are wanting.

I purchased large gold and red glitter balls 
and gold glitter stars at the dollar store.

Last year after Christmas I happened upon a sale at
Dillards and all the Christmas decorations were on sale
at 75% off, this is where I picked up the
ribbon around the tree.

I haven't as yet added the medallion I made for the blog hop.
But I have chosen black and white, gold and silver for this
tree.  Here is the medallion that I created for the hop.
It will go at the top of the tree when I get back.

At last, here is baby Jesus with all of 
the names that represent him throughout his life.

This is the reason for the season.
The birth of the Savior,
our Redeemer.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season,



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